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FLEX Scheduling

Personalized Learning,

Limitless Opportunities

FLEX scheduling provides students with the flexibility to tailor their learning experience to suit their individual needs and interests. This dynamic system allows students to pursue advanced courses, engage in extracurricular activities, and balance their academic and personal commitments effectively. With FLEX scheduling, we empower our students to take ownership of their education, fostering a supportive environment where they can thrive and achieve their full potential in their academic journey.

What is FLEX?

Lewisville School of Science & Technology students, primarily juniors and seniors, are afforded the ability to have a scheduled 4th and/or 8th period for designated activities off-campus that would enable them to continue on a dual-credit track (classes scheduled on a college campus); to participate in an off-campus internship/mentorship or paid job as well as other approved activity.

FLEX Guidelines

All participating students must:

  • continue to be passing all courses while on FLEX

  • adhere to the behavior code in the student handbook

  • attend school regularly (85 percent attendance rate or higher)

*Consequences for violations to any or more of the above categories could result in loss of FLEX privileges for a grading period or for up to a school year for repeated violations.

Contract & Application

Turn in the following Contract and Application with the appropriate signature and documentation to the Dean of Academics, Mr. Kunkel.

FLEX-Scheduling Contract & Application
Michael Kunkel

Michael Kunkel

Dean of Academics