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Our resource center is here to provide our students with the necessary tools and materials they need to have the best educational experience possible.

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Learn more about our unique academic program that incorporates virtual curriculum and project-based learning.

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Discover about our innovative STEM pathways designed to prepare students for exciting and lucrative emerging careers.


Learn how we integrate character-building elements to nurture not only academic growth but also cultivate compassionate hearts.

Get Involved


Are you passionate about educating young minds and shaping the future? Click now to apply for an exciting teaching opportunity where you can make a difference in the lives of students and inspire a love for learning!


Are you ready to make a difference in our school? Just one click can help us achieve our goals and support our students – don’t wait, click now to donate and make a difference!


ResponsiveEd has created educational environments which celebrate learning, respect individual differences, build character, and instill lifelong core values. A large contributor to the success of our students and faculty has been the support of the community and specifically those who volunteer their time and expertise. Volunteers provide the support needed for educational experiences enjoyed by our students. Thank you for joining the ResponsiveEd family and thank you for the life-changing investment you are making in tomorrow’s leaders.

ResponsiveEd encourages volunteer involvement. ResponsiveEd Policy requires that every volunteer undergo a background check before being allowed to work on a site. All volunteers should allow up to 3 weeks for processing. To verify that you have been included in the Volunteer Data Bank, please contact your child’s campus.

Volunteer applications will remain active for one year from the application date. A volunteer must reapply each year in order to be considered for volunteer approval.

By completing an application online, you are also agreeing with an electronic signature to having us request a background check. The school district pays for the actual background check; Campus Directors will have access to the “real time” volunteer list.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

Our campus Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is hard-working parents and teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for the Lewisville School of Science & Technology.

Questions? Join our Lewisville School of Science & Technology  Campus PTO Facebook Group or contact us at Campus Email.

PTECH Information

Benchmark 1: Target Population

Recruitment Plan

Benchmark 2: Partnership Agreement


Benchmark 3: P-16 Leadership Initiatives

Cybersecurity B4
Engineering Work-Based Learning

Benchmark 4: Curriculum & Support

PTECH Assessment Strategy
Associates Path

Benchmark 5: Academic Rigor & Readiness

Work-Based Learning Matrix
Lonestar STEM

Benchmark 6: School Design

Bridge Program
Tutoring Plan